How we help

We provide the highest standard of agents that will nurture relationships from the cold stage until they are positioned well enough for you to convert.

It takes time to nurture relationships and win business. Our Outsourced SDR solution allows us to control and account manage relationships until intent or a need is shown. This allows our clients to continue their focus on opportunities that have clearly demonstrated a need or intent rather than a non qualified lead.

Today is the day that you start your journey and take it back to basics!

Our clients experiences

“I have been using Kerdos International for a couple of months now and have been thoroughly impressed with the service that I have received from the Kerdos team. George & Malcolm, our account managers, are very responsive, ensuring that nothing is missed and that every lead is followed up. Both George and Malcolm have looked after our business interests well and it is a pleasure to work with them and the rest of the Kerdos International team. I would definitely recommend Kerdos International to any business.”

CPN Outsourcing

“Incredibly pleased with the results so far with Kerdos. The team took their time to thoroughly understand our business and sales needs – which shows in the quality of results. They are very much an extension of our own team – I would highly recommend.”

Marketpoint Recall

“We have been delighted with the work that Malcolm has done over the last 3 years on a couple of key outbound telemarketing projects, which have required long term commitment and energy. I would unreservedly recommend Malcolm and the team“

Pete Gillett, MD of ZUANT

We have only been working with Kerdos for a relatively short time and already I’m really impressed.

They are not what I would think of as a typical ‘Sales Business’; they are extremely professional and demonstrate integrity in their dealings with our customers exactly as we would, they understand our complex requirements well and are really delivering for us. 

I’d recommend them without hesitation

Cognitive Flow

Kerdos have definitely taken a load of work away and it’s now a matter of me keeping up with phone calls and meetings. 

The communication is great. I really like how we have weekly meetings to give updates on the activity. 

There is an energy about Kerdos, they don’t get precious about feedback. They listen and don’t dwell on things. There’s great communication between our teams – they’re not scared to pick up the phone or drop a message.

Anand Lakhani

Kerdos provide a professional service at a high standard. They took the time to get to know us as a team; our business, and to understand our requirements to ensure that when contacting prospective clients they create a great first impression. We have been delighted with their performance to date and would highly recommend their services!

Zoe Lidster - Harwood HR Solutions

Coaching & Constultancy

We provide the highest standard of agents that will nurture relationships from the cold stage until they are positioned well enough for you to convert.

Training & Development

Our live & interactive training courses allow our clients to understand how to generate quality appointments that convert!

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