Generate opportunities that have a Demand for your services

Our vision

Our vision is to provide the highest quality sales and marketing solutions, training and consultancy to help grow our client’s businesses. Whilst we provide a number of services, our sole aim is to deliver successful services to ensure we develop all relationships into long-term partnerships.

Our Kerdos Values to deliver
opportunities that matter!


  • We strive to create an inclusive environment, where everyone feels valued and that they can express their opinions, creativity and ideas. We provide our community with the education, the tools, and a clear path for progression.


  • Our company culture is built around respect, teamwork and employee health and wellbeing. We are completely open with our community on the company’s vision and where we are looking to get to. We invest time in individuals to ensure that everyone is living and breathing our core values. This motivates our entire community to drive towards our common mission.


  • We challenge the way individuals and companies think about generating new business opportunities as we believe that the best way to establish credibility with your target audience at every touchpoint, is by demonstrating your understanding of what’s important to them.


  • This is a driver throughout every aspect of our operation. Each member of our community is dedicated to being accountable for their own roles and responsibilities. In order to ensure that nothing slips through the net, we hold one another to account and this carries through to our clients in order to drive performance and ultimately success.


  • We set clear and realistic expectations from the first communication and remain consistent with this throughout the entire relationship. This makes for a harmonious relationship, helps us to align our targets with our client’s KPIs and has a positive impact on delivery for our clients.

Just some of the reasons
our clients love us!

One of our clients generated an £80,000+ deal from a £6,000 investment

One of our clients gained a 2000% ROI in 6 weeks of working with us

One of our clients has a projected pipeline of £1,200,000 from their first 12 months of working with us

Need a verbal reference before proceeding with us? Not a problem!

Company Values


Our team

Our Team is everything to us and everyone has the same mission which is to deliver for our clients. We network, learn and develop as a team.



We value the time that is spent in development sessions. Although we have different clients in different industries, we are constantly working to develop ourselves to deliver for our clients.


Our sole aim when bringing on a client is to deliver a successful campaign that leads to a strong return on investment. When our clients grow, we grow.

Our Services

Coaching and Consultancy

We create a strategy for our clients to help drive opportunities through to their businesses that have genuine intent and demand for their services. We train you each step on a 1:2:1 basis with one of our experts across a 12 week programme!

Outsourced Sales Development Representative

We provide the highest standard of agents that will nurture relationships from the cold stage until they are positioned well enough for you to convert.

Training and Development

Our live & interactive training courses allow our clients to understand how to generate quality appointments that convert!

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