Tips for manufacturers

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Blogs | 0 comments

Are you a manufacturing business looking to grow internationally into new markets?


It’s important to understand the culture in that market. Each country has preferred lines of communication. It is important to mix it up when finding new partners/end-users of your products. WhatsApp and WeChat are two great ways to nurture relationships.


It might be worth looking for a dedicated partner, agent, or distributor within a region. Many companies who already act as agents of products within a country are always looking at new products/solutions to expand their portfolios. Distributors are a great way to help grow but be careful in offering exclusivity too soon!


Ensure you understand the pricing within the market before targeting new countries. Some countries based on their in-country manufacturing capabilities will, unfortunately, be too difficult to compete with.


Always check requirements when importing. We see it all the time when manufacturers have shipments stuck at ports due to certain importing requirements. Look into brokers and make sure you ask for references to show their experiences.


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