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We’ve teamed up with Adam Weekes from Bigtincan to talk about sales enablement…

Bigtincan is a sales enablement automation platform which delivers a better customer experience and empowers sales and marketing teams to drive improved business results.


What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement isn’t the latest tech cure for inefficient sales operations and marketing management. Sales enablement encompasses much more than useful “buyer-first” sales methodologies like customer-centric selling.

Instead, sales enablement is a strategic approach, involving not just sales and marketing but also people from other functional areas like customer success, customer support, and field services. When implemented successfully, sales enablement equips an organisation’s sellers with the necessary tools, strategies, and resources, especially informative and educational content to engage buyers and sell more effectively.

The payoff? An interactive, dare we say, enjoyable experience for buyers that also helps sellers shorten the long sales cycles typical of purchases in B2B and in high-end consumer goods, resulting in increased revenue.


Why is sales enablement important for businesses?

Sales enablement is important because it prepares salespeople to conduct a more effective sales process and achieve better sales results. The right sales enablement strategy equips reps with the training, coaching and content they need to be successful.

Now that’s one (very simple) explanation. In reality, the answer to this question is a little more nuanced, because B2B selling has become so complex. So, with that in mind, here are 5 reasons for sales enablement’s growing importance, along with examples of good sales enablement in action.

  • Sales Enablement helps sales reps get “back to basics”
  • Sales Enablement creates training and content clarity
  • Sales Enablement helps reps over the long haul
  • Sales Enablement equips managers to support their reps
  • Sales Enablement goes beyond your salespeople


How can a business implement sales enablement?

 Target groups:

Who do your sales channels and partners sell to today?

 Vision, mission, and purpose:

Define these three elements and jointly come up with an emotional tagline that captures the urgency and spirit of your efforts.

 Objectives, strategies, and roadmap:

Map your current state of sales and marketing and what the future state will look like with sales enablement.

 Services and metrics:

What services do sales and marketing provide to each other, and how will you measure them?


What can Bigtincan provide to businesses?

  • Content in context
  • Communication
  • Coaching and Training


How is Bigtincan different from its competitors?

A seamless enablement experience. Bigtincan brings together core platforms of premier content management, learning & coaching, document automation, and much more. With one platform that works on any device, you will have a full world-class experience that is custom-tailored to your brand.


Visit for more information.

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