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We’ve teamed up with Yasmin Christofi at Comdata UK to talk about a hot topic in the customer service and BPO industry…multilingual customer support.


Comdata is an international vendor of services aimed to streamline customer operations. Their customer services are end-to-end, multichannel, and multilingual. With these services, Comdata helps businesses solve a variety of customer interaction challenges, a few examples of these are the delivery of product and service information, 24/7 customer support via different channels and technical support. All these services are aimed at making a client’s journey smooth and stress-free.

The internet has transformed the way humans interact and communicate. Modern globalisation has led companies to face more international clients than ever before. However, language barriers still exist. Customers should always be at the core of business objectives, and part of this is providing them with a seamless experience after their purchase.


There are many reasons why multilingual customer support can have a positive impact on your business, to name a few…

1.      Builds stronger customer relations

2.      Grows reputation overseas

3.      Delivers your brand message to customers effectively

4.      Ensures you live up to customer expectations

5.      Boosts sales


How can Comdata help?

Comdata’s strength in multilingual allows them to cater to different international markets. This service is used in very different ways from sector to sector allowing them to be adaptable and tailored to each individual business. Their multichannel approach allows their clients to provide a seamless experience to their customers and stakeholders, with technology that stays ahead of the market curve.

Remember…happy and satisfied customers result in a successful business! Get ahead of your competition by providing a better experience for your users and gaining their loyalty.


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