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We’ve teamed up with Jensen and Jensen to talk about the recent changes in social media, advice and the importance of having a strong marketing strategy.

Jensen and Jensen is a full-service integrated agency that helps brands cut above the noise. They are experts in consultancy, creative production, social media marketing and brand development. They are able to identify key trends to match both consumer and brand needs with campaigns. So whether you need short-term exposure or an end-to-end solution, they can make it happen.


So, what has been the biggest change in social media this year?

Facebook > Meta. Facebook changed their name to Meta and now opening up the conversation about web 3.0 and the metaverse. This is a really interesting play and we will want to start to see this conversation become more topical across 2022.

Social media platforms revisiting their proposition to be video-focused platforms instead of image-led platforms. This shows how impactful video content is and the direction that social media is heading.


What advice would you give a business that wants to focus its efforts on social media?

Social media is a long game. It’s about building value for your community and not focusing on profitability. At Jensen & Jensen, we don’t use social media as a tool to gain more clients as it’s not an effective tool to do so, but we use it to share our best moments, valuable insights and thought leadership. Very quickly we’ve been able to grow our followers and have clear trends of engagement for our best-performing content. Social needs to be used as a tool to amplify your existing marketing efforts and be a digital window for any business allowing them to directly reach and engage with their followers/audiences.


How important is having a strong marketing strategy to a business?

A “strong” marketing strategy is imperative because it’s the difference between working hard and working smart. Each business is different and therefore the strategy should reflect that some businesses work well with SEO & PPC, others thrive from producing Vlogs and Blogs but all should work towards a core objective that aligns with their commercial goals for the year. A strategy also doesn’t have to be monolithic, it should be reviewed and refined continuously ensuring that it improves over time. Discard what isn’t working and capitalize on what is working well!


Video content is now the #1 B2B content marketing trend for 2021…would you agree? Should businesses start focusing their efforts on video, TikToks etc?

Yes, video is imperative. The pandemic only accelerated this trend and it’s here to stay. Video allows you to showcase your personality and engage in a meaningful way. The best thing about video is that the days off of stunning expensive productions are gone. People want to see authentic, gritty content that’s recorded off an iPhone. As long as lighting and audio are great then anyone can produce really impactful content, however, it’s not just a snap and shoot. Plan and consider your content before you start producing content online.


What would you say the purpose should be for businesses’ social media?

It’s a tool to amplify existing activities. Each business objective will be different but social media is the real-time shop window that allows you to reach and engage fans and followers from across the globe.


Anything else to add?

Always think about how a single piece of content would look in isolation. That one tweet or post if screenshotted on its own how it would reflect to your audience? If it doesn’t sit well then don’t post it.


Thank you Bradley Jensen for your time! They’re doing great things in the world of digital marketing and advertising! Feel free to check out their LinkedIn page.

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